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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Bright, great music against all odds

The Bright. Sala Sidecar, Barcelona, November 26th

The Bright at Sidecar
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
My second time seeing The Bright live was full of circumstances against this lovely duo of Spanish musicians from León. First, their concert was scheduled at the height of the Primavera Club 2011 week that I've been covering daily (you can check it here, posts on the blog will follow this week), so the risk of being too tired to add another concert was obvious. Second, they didn't bring a full band with them, so the gig could have been too similar to the one that I enjoyed on that rainy day of May at FNAC. And third, part of the audience at Sala Sidecar didn't give a damn for the concert, talking all the time and showing no respect for the artists and the public that were there to hear them. But Myriam Gutiérrez and Aníbal Sánchez were capable of beating all this challenges, offering another needed dose of their bright (sorry for the easy joke again) and warm music.

Myriam at BCN. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The start wasn't easy. The noisy and disrespectful crowd dominated the small venue, and despite Myriam and Aníbal efforts to offer sure-fire winners from their lovely "Soundtrack for a Winter's Tale" it was clear there was an obvious disconnection with the audience, also from the very first row from where we were. Luckily, the couple had enough munition with them to slowly conquer the public. "Rocking Chair", "Soundtrack", "Your Private Garden", "Waving Flag", the wonderful "Odd Towns" and "Coffee & Wine", etc. In total, nine of the twelve tunes that compose their debut album were played at Sidecar. And as the momentum was growing, they took the occasion to introduce three new tunes, a couple of them sounding astonishingly amazing, easily among their best. And aside the tunes played there's another factor that allows the couple downing all barriers: a natural, unforced attitude and charm. They played with confidence and honesty, being capable of captivating the Barcelona audience in a very similar way that their music does. With serenity and a haunting grace.

The great duo in action
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
There was also time for three versions, from Lucinda Williams, Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin, the latest being one of the highlights and turning point of the night. Plus, of course, the inclusion on the setlist of the excellent "Cowgirl in the Sand" from Neil Young, that serves as a superb closer of their album, and that they chose to end the gig on a very high note. By that time The Bright had already overcome all the obstacles, and proved they are a duo with genuine talents. Hoping for a new gig soon (with a full band) in which I'll be able to stay longer next time to chat a bit with them and get a picture with the two!

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