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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back from Primavera Club 2011's playlist

After PC2011. Stuff & fIRA fEM's setlist
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Back to the blog after being abducted for the last 5 days, thanks to the Primavera Club 2011 (PC2011). I'll be posting quite a few about the Festival in the next days (you can already check the chronicles I already wrote in Spanish) of it , but for now, here's a playlist of songs from the bands I watched during the previous week. Majority of them are the best ones I heard (in my opinion, of course) during their gigs, but Tigercats' tune and Villarroel's and Capitán's additions were the only ones I was able to find on the web. Enjoy!
Primavera Club 2011 by Raul on Grooveshark
  1. Slack Motherfucker- Superchunk
  2. Shredder- JEFF The Brotherhood
  3. Cubata de Fairy- Las Ruinas
  4. Deer- Autumn Comets
  5. Lemonade- Braids
  6. Love Like a River- Girls
  7. Endless Summer- Still Corners
  8. The Party- St.Vincent
  9. Ladies, Claps, (and Gentlemen)- fIRA fEM
  10. She is Beyond Good and Evil- The Pop Group
  11. Konny Huck- Tigercats
  12. Peppermint- Spectrals
  13. Slivers of You- Puro Instinct
  14. Starry Eyes- Veronica Falls
plus Capitán's song "Portugal"
Capitán "Portugal"
and Villarroel's "Pesca de la Langosta"

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