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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spanish Indie 3: suggesting the best national acts

After a nice demand to keep this proposal of national indie bands going, here you have three more bands/artists I recommend you to check!

Violet Lades. Violeta Hernando comes from Santa Cruz de Tenerife but her career began in 2006, between London and Barcelona, where she is currently based. A multi-faceted artist (also a photographer and writer) that defines herself as an "orphaned musician". But don't believe her. With a suggestive voice (true that has some resemblance with Patti Smith), a music vision that links her to Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan and most evidently, early PJ Harvey, and a rare talent to introduce you into a very personal, misterious and attractive world, who wouldn't want to adopt her? Check her album below!

Me and The Bees. Change of style for this charming band, that I really discovered at Primavera Sound. Since that gig, I have been listening regularly "Fuerza Bien", a debut album that I can't stop recommending. Less folky and mellow than expected, this is golden lo-fi indie-pop, devoted to bands like Pavement, Guided By Voices, The Breeders or The Pippettes playing real music, and full of killer little tunes. Listen to "After All Your Cancers", "Don't Come Back", "It Could Be Real", "Tibidabo" or "The Bags", fall in love with Esther's voice and get addicted to the bite of the "Bees".

Disco Las Palmeras!. I remember asking myself what was that brutal noise coming from the Ray-Ban stage on Saturday at Primavera Sound while I was hearing The Tallest Man on Earth at San Miguel stage. Now I know the answer, and it wasn't noise, but a promising band from Galicia, responsible of a terrific album, "Nihil Obstat", a mesmerizing collection of sharp psychedelic-rock and shoegazing tunes. Crude, somber, fuelled and coming from space. Music to leave you breathless. What a discovery!

 A los indecisos by disco las palmeras!
Me la jugasteis en china by disco las palmeras!

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