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Monday, July 4, 2011

Playlisting: seeking for an apartment & moving away

A very personal one today. By the end of this week I'll start a new and very exciting period in my life. After few weeks seeking for an apartment, I'm (we) finally moving away from home. So I have created a special playlist "summarizing" the experience (I'm a weirdo, that's assumed), and also including, briefly, why the songs are listed: a "story" divided in seven musical chapters. Hope you'll find it funny (that's the intention), or at least enjoy the music!

Chapter one: the need to leave
1. Black and White Town- Doves

Chapter two: the places where I (we) would like to go, but unfortunately are just metaphoric (2), or simply unaffordable (3, 4)
2. Where the Streets Have No Name- U2
3. Country House- Blur
4. Island in the Sun- Weezer

Chapter three: the aim to seek for an apartment 
5. A Placed Called Home- PJ Harvey

Chapter four: seeking and getting close to it
6. Houses- Great Northern
7. Build- The Housemartins
8. The Walls Are Coming Down- Fanfarlo

Chapter five: we found it!!
9. My Wandering Days Are Over- Belle and Sebastian

Chapter six: anticipating possible domestical and collateral "issues"...
10. Dishes- Pulp
11. A House Is Not a Motel- Love (use the title as a word of warning to readers)
12. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight- The Postal Service

Chapter seven: ...but also anticipating the great moments that WE are going to have at HOME 
13. Weather With You- Crowded House
14. Apartment Story- The National
15. You Are the Everything- R.E.M. (because there's only one real reason for moving)

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