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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Discoverer 16: new indie findings

After a short break, we go back to our Sunday proposals!

Be Like Pablo. Thanks, again (and won't be the last time!) to an Eardrumsmusic recommendation I have discovered this ridiculously addictive indie-pop meets power-pop band from North Eastern Scotland. They only have two singles released (the latest just out now), but the four songs we know of them to date are so irresistibly catchy that their inclusion here was a must. I have had "Spirit of Adventure" and "Julianne" on repeat all week. I will add just one more thing. We want more songs! We need more songs!

She Keeps Bees. From Brooklyn, New York, comes the duo of Jessica Larrabee (vocals and guitar) and Andy LaPlant (drums). Active since 2006, this year they have released "Dig On", their third record (counting Larrabee's solo debut). Brilliant and thrilling material, under the territory of blues-rock and alternative-rock that reminds to the best Cat Power or can compare to PJ Harvey. Try "Saturn Return" (to name one song) and convince yourself. Larrabee's voice is one of the discoveries of the year for me. Magnetic music.

Release the Sunbird. Our third proposal comes from a pretty famous indie musician: Zach Rogue. After nearly 10 years leading Rogue Wave, he envisioned a different project. In his own words, a “Sunday morning kind of record, the kind of campfire, sitting-on-the-back-deck-of-your house feeling”. "Come Back to Us", just released, is these album. Recorded in Bloomington, Indiana, with the help of local musicians, in which vocalist Kate Long stands out with her vocals, contributing to create the superb harmonies of the album. A relaxed, sunny and lovely folkie affair.
Release The Sunbird- Come Back To Us
Release The Sunbird - Always Like The Son

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