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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Discoverer 15: new indie findings

Last weekend before FIB Festival, but before leaving... a new round of proposals for you!

Reverieme. Behind the stage name you'll find Louise Connell, a ridiculously young Scottish girl (note: one day we will have to honour Scotland as deserves for giving us so many unforgettable artists), based in Glasgow, with an equally ridiculous talent to find the perfect melody and merge it with her adorable voice. "Melodies", released in 2010, is her very-limited debut, a flawless ukulele (yes, ukulele!) indie-pop collection, far beyond the singer-songwriter acoustic cliché, inventive and riskier. I wasn't that impressed by a voice since I felt in love with Nat Johnson.

Favourite Sons. Ken Griffin is not a newbie. From 1992 to 1997 he recorded three albums in London and Dublin (with Rollerskate Skinny and Kid Silver) before moving to N.Y to disappear. But while working at a bar, Justin Tripp, A.J. Edmiston and Matt Werth, tracked him down and encouraged him to write again. Favourite Sons debuted in 2006 with "Down Beside Your Beauty", followed by "The Great Deal of Love", out past May. A rollercoaster fok-rock album, with Griffin's unique voice leading a band that recalls a subtler Nick Cave or early Waterboys. Be careful. Their band's name is well deserved.
Favourite Sons - The Great Deal Of Love

Army Navy. Born in Seattle but really shaped in L.A, the bedroom project of Justin Kennedy became a success after their debut in 2008. Ace reviews, fans admiration, support slots to The Lemonheads, Arctic Monkeys, The Dodos... Great achievements that will continue with "The Last Place", their second release, out next week. Why? Because I doubt someone can resist this infectious collection of jangle-pop, power-pop, shimmering guitars, choruses and hooks. “...our focus, creativity and inspiration had created something bigger than all of us…a classic pop masterpiece!” says Adam Lasus, album producer. Pretentious, but he might be right.
Army Navy

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