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Monday, December 28, 2020

Best Records of the Year 2020: 40-21

Later than ever, we know... but December (more hospital visits) has been pretty hectic, somewhat fitting this surreal year, finally vanishing. Yet the time has arrived to unveil our Best Records of 2020! Like we did last year, we have maintained the number of 40 for the albums listed, splitting the post in two. The only difference being the inclusion of EPs within the list (as we haven't had a lot of them among our favourites this season). Therefore, here are our mandatory albums, "in charge of" our soundtrack in this excruciating 2020, starting with the LPs ranging from 40 to 21. A stunning harvest despite the times, really deserving a listen! And stay tuned, the Top 20 will be online tomorrow!

40. Lifetime of Comedy- The Parson Red Heads
39. Jetstream Pony- Jetstream Pony
38. Horse- Holy Motors
37. All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere- The Buoys
36. Johnny- Lawn
35. Agitprop Alterna- Peel Dream Magazine
34. Heathers- Terry vs. Tori
33. Carefree Theatre- Surfer Blood
32. Never Not Together- Nada Surf
31. How Ill the World Is Ordered- Daniel Romano
30. A Hero’s Death- Fontaines D.C.
29. Muzz- Muzz
28. Plum- Widowspeak
27. Días Raros- Melenas
26. Jump Rope Gazers- The Beths
25. Disco Volador- The Orielles 
24. The Long Now- The Luxembourg Signal
23. Electric Songs- The Wolfhounds
22.The Scenic Route- Dropkick
21. Hypoluxo- Hypoluxo

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