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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spanish Indie 30: suggesting the best national acts

A veteran combo and two of the most promising bands coming from the south of Spain today in our latest trio of national bands. Pop gems!

Kiev Cuando Nieva. Behind the freezing cold name lies one of the most idiosyncratic, unique bands of the country. Hailing from Huesca, Aragón, the band origins can be traced around the end the 90s in a college radio program at Facultad de Bellas Artes de Cuenca. From there on, Antxon Corcuera and brothers Javier and Carlos Aquilué have built an almost flawless career. A lost debut EP, aptly titled 'First EP' in 2000, followed by three albums, 'S/T' (2006), 'Todos los Ademanes' (2009, year in which they also released the EP 'Edición Artesana'), 'De Tarima' (2013), plus the covers record 'Parece Doble' (2012), including versions of Daniel Johnston, Nick Drake, Beach Boys, Big Star, Ramones...). A refreshing music path that in March of 2016 saw their latest output with 'Los Bienes', out via Repetidor Discos. Risky, brave indiepop blended with folk and slices of psychedelia, strangely warm and familiar despite their experimental instrumentation and aloof first impressions. Persevere, and you'll quickly find yourself drowning into a peculiar universe of music and experience. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Apartamentos Acapulco. Hailing from Granada, Angelina Herrera and Ismael Cámara started making music together in Spring of 2015 without many expectations, the main being having fun with the process. But as tunes the duo decided to share them, debuting with a 'S/T' EP that September, first released with Discos Imaginarios. By December arrived the follow-up 'Siete', which fostered the buzz around them, making the homemade project to expand into a quintet live, playing an increasing number of shows and music contests (Planeta Demos, Contempopránea, SOS, PulPop). Now they are back with third EP 'Justo y Necesario' out since this September, anticipated by the shimmery single 'Scarlett'. Somewhere between shoegaze and dreampop, here's the Slowdive hazy, hypnotic spirit, or the quietest moments (some urgent tunes too), noisy yet deeply melodic and affecting, of The Jesus and Mary Chain. A band to fall for...

Terry vs. Tori. Close move to Seville to meet Manuel Jiménez and Erica Pender, who began this exciting project around March of 2016, quickly recruiting José Prieto on bass and, more recently, Rosa on drums, becoming a full band while rehearsals and demos began. And the first, most promising results, can be listened now, as since June we can enjoy their 'S/T' EP (name your price at their bandcamp). Mixed and mastered by our dear Cris Romero at Cherry Studios, this is infectious guitar-driven indiepop, making their own, summery run towards surf-pop, or adding the life-affirming, eternal Southern light to that trademark "English melancholy". Dreaming with eyes wide open, hoping for more very soon!

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