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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Primavera Sound 2019 in brief, day 2

Back to regular life after Primavera Sound Festival (PS) 2019 ended! So, while we adjust to our day-to-day schedules, here comes the second of our quick recaps of what we just experienced at Parc del Fòrum, today focusing in Friday's 31st. Let's go!

Lucy Dacus, historian at work. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Good
Lucy Dacus: The hour in which her gig was programmed was criminal. The Ray-Ban stage was, in principle, too big. But these unflattering factors became irrelevant the moment Ms Dacus started singing. What an arresting record 'Historian' is (if 'Night Shift' doesn't touch, you don't have blood in your veins). What a mesmerizing talent the Virginian is.

Kurt Vile: In an edition where the guitar seems to be a prehistoric, outdated instrument (of course, IS NOT), the proposal from the Philadelphian musician and his backing band was kind of challenge against the new "definition of cool". A guy who doesn't care about poses, looks or flashy movements. Just about indulging you into his hypnotic guitar-driven, slightly psychedelic, hazy folk-rock. He just killed it at the Pull & Bear stage.
Vile & The Violators, pretty pimpin at Primavera. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Bad
Snail Mail: The most disappointing gig from our entire PS took place on Friday afternoon. We love 'Lush''s immediacy, electricity and straightforward indiepop charms... But we couldn't hear any of these wonders at the Primavera stage. First technical issues, then serious vocal problems, with abundant squawks and misses from Lindsey Jordan (was she ok?). We demand a quick return to the city to compensate the disillusion. (Please!)

The Queen
Birkins & Ken: What can you expect from a covers gig? If you have our dear Birkins alongside great company, you'll have one the highlights of the whole festival. Their rendition of 'Ziggy Stardust', David Bowie's masterful record was exhilarating, unadulterated fun. Initially fuelled by Cris' powerful vocals... and then completely stolen by Ken Stringfellow's electrifying performance, pure punk-rock. This man doesn't get enough credit, when we owe him so much. First as half of the mighty The Posies. Secondly, being part of the immortal Big Star. Later on, touring and playing with R.E.M. (not enough adjectives to explain what that means for this Blog) And now, storming the not so Hidden Stage. Unforgettable. Put some Ken in you life!
Birkins & Stringfellow, "stardusting". Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Suedeheads, again: Didn't know what to expect from the veteran Brits before their show... but what we found was the most rejuvenating, enjoyable gig of PS19 for this Blog. Suede delivered a surprising greatest hits show, with Brett Anderson going relentlessly in search of the connection with the audience, who responded accordingly. It couldn't be any other way when the band is throwing you hit after hit in, such as 'We Are the Pigs', 'So Young', 'Metal Mickey', 'Filmstar' (beat that four killing combo!), 'The Drowners' or 'Animal Nitrate', among many others, with such passion and fiery energy. The attitude, the frontman, the tunes... Oh! They still have it. Intact.
Suede, everything still flows. Photo: Bloodbuzzed.
The third and final chronicle of the PS19, covering Saturday 1st, is already "in the kitchen", so stay tuned!

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