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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Indie Anthology 64: essential songs

Finally I'm able to go back to our anthologyA lot of things happening in my life, a new beginning, with high hopes, about to come. Strength is needed. So it's time to choose music that provides the energy, thanks to one of the best power-pop bands in history.

Song: Solar Sister
Artist: The Posies
Year: 1993

It's very easy to trace how I discovered The Posies. Probably you can easily guess too. It's all R.E.M.'s fault. Who was that guy regularly performing with my favourite band? I didn’t know about Ken Stringfellow’s main band before, but after joining the Athens’ legends live (as well as appearing on several records) The Posies’s universe quickly became familiar for me. ‘Golden Blunders’, ‘Dream All Day’, 'Flavor of the Month'... and, foremost, ‘Solar Sister’, with its irresistible combination of bursting noises and melodic bridges. American alternative rock in one of its (criminally underrated) happiest pages. On a time when grunge was quickly becoming a cliché, The Posies were penning cracking tunes after cracking tunes, witty as well as truly soulful, the spirit of Alex Chilton fuelled by distorted guitars and the voices of the leading duo Stringfellow/Auer. “And you can read, sister Carrie, read…”. If you don’t get carried by the infinite, humming chorus, there’s something wrong with you.

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