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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spanish Indie 28: suggesting the best national acts

Another round of  terrific national bands for your ears only. A heavy on guitars trio to shake your skeletons a bit. Go get a listen!

Terrier. Hailing from Madrid David Iñurreta (aka Dave Petrone), María Manoli, Enrique Gutiérrez (aka Don Matías) and Lili Laduquesa have been around the capital playing in bands like Fumestones, Ángel y Cristo, Call Me Idiot... finally getting together in 2011 with their first gig and EP, self-titled and self-released in early 2012 (although later re-released by Sonido Muchacho). 'Un cadáver en el mar', their debut album, arrived in November 2013, after a self-released cassette, followed by their collaboration at La Fonoteca compilation 'Nuevos Bríos' that same year and at Discos Walden Single Club's. Now they are back with 'La Plaga', sophomore LP out since this February. Hyper-addictive and vital, blending shiny pop with their garage origins, listening to Terrier tunes is the best medication against depression. Let yourself shine...

Pacífico. Sort of a "supergroup" born in Barcelona in 2014, when Miguel Rojas (former member of Los Claveles) starts penning new tunes and gathers with Pablo Garrido, Antoni Amaya, Guillem Peeters and, a bit later, Oscar Huerta, from bands like Jessica and the Fletchers, Kana Kapila, Papa Topo and Sonny and the Sunsets. The quintet recorded their first demos, releasing s/t debut 7" that same December via Terranova. With Peeters abandoning the group, being replaced by Jordi Irizar, gigs and new songs begin to blossom, as well as their signature with El Genio Equivocado. While Sonia Montoya replaces Pablo Garrido, their first album 'Muévete' sees the light of day this April. An immediate, urgent collection of indiepop tunes, full of nervous and dreamy guitars and bombastic choruses, announcing bright light days ahead and a thousand smiles.

Heather. Technically, they shouldn't be in this section yet, as they only have two tunes officially released. But I've seen them a couple of times live and, aside having a much bigger collection of tunes (new release is about to arrive), they just deserve it. Based in Barcelona and formed by local and seasoned musicians plus the magnetic vocals and stage presence of the Scottish frontwoman Heather Cameron, this five-piece act based in Barcelona became a reality around the Fall of 2014. Demos spread and so did the signature with Famèlic, who released their debut single 'Inside / Run', followed with slots at Apolo, BIS Festival and Primavera Club. Speedy noise-pop and intense shoegaze with a melodic knack, here's one of our most impressive and promising local acts.

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