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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Primavera Sound 2016: my draft schedule

Time to honour another Blog tradition! The timeables of Primavera Sound Festival 2016 have been revealed, so let's (try) to make our schedule (first attempt). Despite general opinions, this edition is quite far from being a favourite, and the recurring, inevitable, painful overlaps, are going to make it worse (that's why here we have listed only the gigs we believe will see fully). But no complaints, let's "play" and complete the puzzle! This is what our PS 2016 looks like (initial impressions):  

Wednesday, June 1st, Parc del Fòrum
17:00 Doble Pletina (Primavera)
18:00 El Último Vecino (Primavera)
19:00 Sr. Chinarro (Primavera)
20:30 Goat (Primavera)
22:00 Suede (Primavera)
Day without issues... except the bands we really want to watch are just Doble Pletina and Suede, first and last on the schedule

Thursday, June 2nd, Parc del Fòrum
18:00 Algiers (Heineken)
20:00 Daughter (Heineken)
21:30 A.R. Kane (Adidas Originals)
23:45 Protomartyr (Pitchfork)
Troubles begin: Algiers versus Lee Ranaldo. incomplete Julien Baker, Suede clashing with Daughter, clashing with Destroyer, empty until Protomartyr. Pretty disastrous day overall.

Friday, June 3rd, Parc del Fòrum
12:30 Big Summer (CCCB)
13:00 Cala Vento (CCCB)
14:00 Julien Baker (CCCB)
14:30 Cass McCombs (CCCB)
17:30 Aliment (Pitchfork)
18:30 Ben Watt Band (Ray-Ban)
19:05 Titus Andronicus (H&M)
20:00 Savages (Heineken)
21:00 Beirut (H&M)
22:15 Dinosaur Jr. (Ray-Ban) 
23:35 Royal Headache (Pitchfork)
00:25 The Last Shadow Puppets (Heineken)
Could we make it? The challenge is titanic (12 bands, plus Beach House as an additional option after the Puppets) and yet I'm furious there are some tough choices to be made. No Radiohead? Savages of Robert Forster? Lush at the Hidden Stage? Move some of them to Thursday! That's criminal!

Saturday, June 4th, Parc del Fòrum
15:00 Robert Forster (CCCB)
17:00 Bob Mould (Hidden Stage) 
18:40 The Chills (Ray-Ban)
20:00 Brian Wilson (Heineken)
22:35 PJ Harvey (Heineken)
00.50 Julia Holter (Ray-Ban)
And after a terrifying day full of choices, a Saturday quite so-so, with the main clash between Brian Wilson and Richard Hawley. Aside from that, pretty clear...

Sunday, June 5th, Apolo/Sala BARTS
19:30 Mudhoney (CCCB) 
21:00 Black Lips (CCCB) 
Huge questions marks for the closing day, very doubtful we'll make it, we'll see!

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