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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Premiere: 'Love is Love' with Skittle Alley

Thanks to our dear friends Discos de Kirlian we have a most pleasant premiere for you today. The return of Skittle Alley! In a match made in heaven, the now full band leaded by French (based in Limoges) music activist Stéphane (more than a decade crafting pop gems on labels like Dufflecoat, Anorak, Jigsaw, etc), responsible of is teaming with the wonderful Catalonian label for the release of his latest mini LP, entitled 'Love Is an Action', out on January 26th. Eight wonderful tunes (sort of a concept record about love) honouring the best indiepop tradition, in the vein of myths like The Field Mice of Another Sunny Day, and beautifully arranged by producer Carlos René, who also contributes with a song.

Ready for a first taste of the album? Here's the magnificent opening track 'Love is Love', a burst of blissful jangle, with twinkling guitars and an eternal chorus. What an honour to premiere this gem! Don't miss it!

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