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Monday, January 5, 2015

Best Spanish Records of the Decade So Far

With the end of 2014, half the decade has now gone, so following the proposal of several magazines   like Pitchfork or NME, we have been thinking about our favourite records of the decade so far (2010-2014), and after a thoughtful deliberation here are the results (let's face it, we love making lists). First of all, the Best Spanish Records of the Decade So Far! 15th albums that, in our opinion, are the highlights of five years with great music in our country. Hope you like it! And stay tuned, the international list is going to appear very soon! 

Soundtrack for a Winter's Tale - The Bright
14. Los Últimos Bañistas - Los Últimos Bañistas
13. Reina Republicana - Reina Republicana
12. Disco de Autoayuda para Mutantes - Las Ruinas
11. Escapar con el Anticiclón - Manos de Topo
10. Nihil Obstat- Disco Las Palmeras!
9. Lost Album - Coach Station Reunion
8. Fuerteventura - Russian Red
7. A Farewell to Youth - When Nalda Became Punk
6. Técnicas Subversivas - Grushenka
5. De lo Concreto a lo General - Doble Pletina
4. Fuerza Bien - Mee and the Bees
3. Fruits del Teu Bosc - Renaldo y Clara
2. La Foto Fantasma - Cosmen Adelaida
1. El Mundo Se Va a Acabar - Pauline en la Playa

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