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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Birthday El Genio Equivocado!

Today, we have a very special Anniversary party. El Genio Equivocado (one of the best Spanish independent labels, featured a dozen times at the Blog, and run by my Indienauta bosses) makes five years of existence. Many of you know what does it means. The enormous merit of surviving with a small music label in this perennial crisis context, in a country where people doesn't buy records. The huge achievement of having promoted/promoting several exciting and diverse bands each year despite the regrettable lack of support to culture from institutions (outside the mainstream). And, foremost, the genuine, unique way in which Rafa & Joan have done it: building a (disfunctional, but hey! we are talking about music) a family. Happy birthday El Genio Equivocado! Here's our little tribute in the form of a playlist with all the bands that have been or are part of its roster. Raise your glasses for many many more years to come!

1. Quan tornis demà - Aias 
2. No Bailes - Algora
3. If you were my captain - Big Summer 
4. El Abrigo - Blacanova
5. Tu Lado Salvaje - Burrito Panza
6. Perdido - Cómo Vivir en el Campo
7. Piel de Naranja - Grushenka
8. Salgamos de Aquí - Hans Laguna
9. La Unión y la Fuerza - Joaquín Pascual
10. Los Líderes Africanos - El Lado Oscuro de la Broca
11. Secundarios del Mundo Uníos! - Las Ruinas
12.  Ramon - Les Sueques
13. Orange - Mequetrefe
14. Días de Radio - Montevideo
15. Mcfly - Muñeco
16. El Espejo - Murciano Total
17. Uno de Noviembre - Odio París
18. Tout Cette Lumière - The Birkins
19. La Guerra Mundial - Wiggum
20. El Parque - Cosmen Adelaida

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