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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Best EPs of the Year 2014

After the best concerts' list, it's time for the EPs. As you know, many times best things in life come in small packages, so we couldn't miss the chance to review the best 15 EPs of the year (no singles, 3 to 6 songs). Nothing more to say, just play it loud & enjoy!

15. Expert Alterations- Expert Alterations
14. Agosto- Neleonard
13. Drag- NO/NO
12. Xeristar- Linda Guilala
11. Set Sail Someday - Parrot Dream
10. The Hills Around- The Hills Around
9. Night Flowers- Night Flowers
8. So Very Small- Blooper
7. Fool of a Kind- Marine Life
6. Indiepop or Whatever!- When Nalda Became Punk
5. Colinas Bermejas- Grupo de Expertos Solynieve
4. Veneer- September Girls
3Jumprope- Gingerlys
2Things Too Obvious to Sing- The Very Most
1. Line & Circle- Line & Circle

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The "Records List" coming shortly!

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