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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Discoverer 103: new indie findings

Oh what a great weekend in our Discoverer Series! Two debut albums fated to be among the best-of-the-year lists plus a most intriguing & promising act. You're going to enjoy!

Flowers. Londoners Sam Ayres, Jordan Hockley and Rachel Kennedy got together in April 2012, thanks to Sam’s advert looking for a singer to make music like "Madonna through a broken tape machine". Astonishingly quickly, the trio moved in together and started writing songs. The feverishly recorded demos were offered online, creating an immediate buzz that made them tour Europe with The Pains Of Being Pure Of Heart and Young Marble Giants. First singles "Until You're Dead" and "When You Lie" arrived in 2013 on Cloudberry and Odd Box Records, plus the great reception of their live shows rocketed their momentum. They signed with Fortuna POP! and with the help of Bernard Butler as producer, Flowers penned their debut album, "Do What You Want to Do, Is What You Should Do", out since September (by Kanine Records in the States). Restrained and minimal yet surprisingly affecting, the album is an indiepop delight, full of beauty and mystery, a collection of short songs with Rachel's haunting vocals presiding the fuzzy yet delicate music envelope. Absolute MUST.

SW/MM/NG. Formed in 2011 and hailing from Fayetteville, Arkansas, they originally called Swimming but slashes seemed an easy solution when a cease-and-desist order from a U.K. group of the same name arrived. The quintet started to make some noise locally with a digital, S/T EP in July 2011. After signing with Old Flame Records, their debut album, "Feel Not Bad" came out this August. Jangly indiepop blurred in haze, ethereal and sun-soaked. Real Estate floating guitars packed with that 80s English melancholy, with Brian Kupillas’ vocals about to break within the melodic feast. For those still looking for the sun, here's a perfect companion.

Black Honey. Hard to believe a band can remain unknown on these "Celebgate" days (sic) but this Brighton, UK, based act is still hidden, so we'll gladly let the music do all the talking. Three songs have surfaced already online from them, "Sleep Forever" towards the end of June, "Teenager" in August, and most recently "The Taste". Three wonderfully catchy tunes, cinematic, woozy and brooding. Jangling guitars, fuzz, atmospheric mood, and a challenging yet inviting female vocals. Sweet and obscure, like their appropriate band name. Here's promise, promise, promise.

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