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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Premiere: Arts & Leisure are back!

Every time there's an email in my inbox from Ross Levine my heart starts beating in anticipation: good news are coming. The man behind Sacramento's label Test Pattern Records (also part of the great group Soft Science) has done it again. Our beloved Arts & Leisure are back with a new two-song 7" single! And he offered this humble blog to premiere it!!

The follow-up of last year's 'Choose Your Adventure', one of the Blog's favourite albums, will be released next Tuesday, October 28. Both tunes are as wonderful as expected, with that genuine way of putting some bite to the most delicate vocal harmonies and melodies, and viceversa, making buzz and power chords sounds delightful. California Goth Pop? I get the idea of the contrast between sunshine pop and goth, but honestly, can't see any hint of dark in Arts & Leisure music. They bring light and smiles to anyone willing to listen.

First song, 'Weekend' seems to be the quintessential Arts & Leisure tune. It's sweet, achingly sweet. The female/male vocals make it a bit more pushing and intriguing. And then, when you think the song is nice but maybe Arts & Leisure are playing within their "comfort zone" the pause arrives... And then comes the HANDCLAPPING! followed by a majestic guitar line, and vocals to die for. One minute and a half of stunning beauty.

'Over You' begins letting the guitars do most of the talking, making it a slightly more straightforward piece, but by the time the "Yeah Yeah Yeah" arrives our hearts have been already taken. Vocal harmonies are killer (do I need to say that Gerri White & Becky Cale's voices are irresistible?) after the gorgeous guitar interlude. Power pop in its prettiest version.

There are some, few bands, that you NEED. Arts & Leisure is one of them. So good they're back.

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