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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Discoverer 94: new indie findings

It's been a short while, but with recharged batteries and many exciting bands to unveil for you, here's our new music proposals series' comeback, enjoy!

Martha's album artworkMartha. Formed in 2011 in a suburban area of Durham, UK, named Pity Me, this quartet is a pop blast. Not much info on the band origins, though it seems the band's name comes from the fact the very last passenger pigeon (now extincted) was called Martha, they are vegan, straight-edge and DIY group. Recorded in Leeds, since late May the promise of the first tunes has been confirmed on 'Courting Strong', debut album out in Fortuna POP! and Salinas Records. Fun, infectious pop with traces of punk, energetic and impassioned, with intertwined "in your face" vocals (it's a record to shout and sing-along out loud) and a devastating legion of hooks. Knock-out.

The Casket Letters' album artwork
The Casket Girls. Coming from Savannah, GA, this is a three-piece with a curious origin. Electronic sound shaper Ryan Graveface found sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene under a tree in one playing Autoharp and singing bizarre songs. Collaboration began, with Ryan in charge of song structures and instruments while newcomers Elsa & Phaedra were responsible of lyrics & vocals. As a result 'Sleepwalking' arrived on November 2012 on Graveface Records, creating a noteworthy cult status among fans and critics. A self-titled EP followed in September 2013, and since this February (again after a very peculiar recording process, psychedelia meets poetry) we can enjoy their sophomore album, 'True Love Kills the Fairy Tale'. Dreamy, spooky, ethereal and extremely intriguing, this is twisted pop, or psych-rock with a knack for melody among the haze and foggy layers. Prepare yourself to get haunted. Pop witchery...

Gingerlys' EP artworkGingerlys. Hailing from Long Island, this very young band formed in 2012 around the demos of guitarist Matt Richards, fitting the pieces together in his New York basement and later on studio, with tunes blossoming and a proper band taking shape from a trio to a quartet, finally adopting its current quintet format. First songs started appearing digitally in the summer of 2013 and early 2014, and now the infallible Shelflife Records is going to publish their debut EP 'Jumprope' on early July. Urgent, dreamy and immediately catchy indiepop with the suggestive voice of Maria Garnica reigning four explosive tunes. Sky is the limit with Gingerlys

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