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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Discoverer 97: new indie findings

Last weekend before flying to Indietracks Festival, so it was kind of mandatory to select our trio of discoveries accordingly. Three bands recently "found" we won't miss at the Railway!

The Hobbes Fanclub. Hailing from Bradford, Northern England, it all began as the solo project of singer/guitarist Leon Carroll, with the transatlantic help (never met in person) of Brazilian Fabiana Karpinski. They managed to came out with a couple of split CD-R with Young Michelin and Leach Me Lemonade in 2010 and 2011 on Cloudberry and Dufflecoat Records. But soon after Fabiana left the project, Leon built a proper band with Louise Phelan (bass) and Adam Theakston (drums) joining forces and putting out their "official" debut 7" 'Your Doubting Heart' on Shelflife in August 2012. Now the circle is completed with the release of first album 'Up At Lagrange' on August 19th. Like The Pains going shoegaze or Boyracer, this is a burst of in-your-face pop enveloped in fuzzy feedback, irresistible boy/girl vocal melodies wrapped in haze and distortion. Mark the date in your calendars. This is a must-have record.

The Yearning. Founded by songwriter/producer Joe Moore in 2010, he slowly crafted and produced their debut EP, 'Jukebox Romance' which, as the promo info evokes, was written in a cupboard under the stairs(!) at his home in Faringdon, UK, over the next two years before the band was signed by Elefant Records in 2012. Although in this first release Justyna Halas and Maddie Dobie shared lead vocal duties, the latest is since then the singer of The Yearning, helped on studio by a bunch of good friends. A couple of digital singles preceded their 2013 mini-lp 'Still in Love'. Finally, after the heartbreaking single 'If I Can't Have You' at the beginning of this summer, we can now celebrate the arrival of 'Dreamboats & Lemonade', first full-length. Vintage warm & delicate pop, delicious from start to finish, carefully arranged and passionately sung in a recognizable girl groups style. Not just a record, it's a pastel tone gift.

The Wendy Darlings. Coming from Clermont-Ferrand, France and formed in 2006, the trio of Suzy (vocals, guitar), Sylvain (vocals, bass), and Baptiste (drums, backing vocals) that sometimes expands into a quartet or even a quintet, debuted in 2008 with EP 'We Come with Friendly Purposes' released on Lostmusic Records, which made some buzz thanks to the single ‘Enormous Pop’. That same year arrived self-released EP 'Sucking Lollipops in Hell', followed by another EP, 'Not a Match Made in Heaven' and 7" 'Girls in Japan' out in 2010 and 2011 respectively in Marineville Records. After a technical 'hiatus' that put their record on hold in 2013, now they are back in full form with the release of their first LP, ‘The Insufferable Fatigues of Idleness’, out since April on Odd Box records. Straightforward punk-pop, careless and free, mixing the sixties, the DIY aesthetics, a dose of noise and 80s Scottish pop bands, there's a lot to love here. Have fun with The Wendy Darlings!

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