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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Indie Anthology 41: essential songs

Yes, I'm getting a little more "political" lately (my personal situation and several last reads for Indienauta are probably responsible of that), so I guess the next chapter of the Anthology couldn't be devoted to any other band: the best overtly political jangle pop group, in my opinion...

Song: Keep and Open Mind or Else!
Artist: McCarthy
Year: 1989

Lyrics matter a lot to me. I'm not saying every single tune has to be about politics or show social commitment, but lyrics should have some substance, meaning, charm or interest (even if it's about some cheesy love affair). And without losing the point of creating the best songs one can. The Essex band, leaded by Malcolm Eden and Tim Gane (who would later form my beloved Stereolab along with Laetitia Sadier) penned a bunch of personal favourite lyrics, not shy of showing heart will always beat on the left, and wrapped in, arguably, some of the best jangle pop (masterful Gane's 12-string Rickenbacker) tunes ever. Like this "Keep and Open Mind or Else!", where the bouncy, engaging drums and the sweet melodic style is combined with killer verses like You should always try to see / Another person's point of view /You should never, oh never/ Think that you know everything or the An open mind / Oh why don't you keep? / It's the true side / Of the civilized. Defending the right to disagree and think by yourself in a 3:30 minutes pop gem. Meaningful lyrics, amazing tune. McCarthy, one of the most underrated groups in music history...

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