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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Discoverer 89: new indie findings

It's been an non-desired hiatus, but here we are, back with a trio of great discoveries, enjoy!

The Understudies. Coming from London, the band formed in 2008, debuting with EP "Wanting vs Getting" in 2010 on Odd Box Records. The double-sided 7" single "Everyone Deserves at Least One Summer of Love" followed in 2011, and finally, since a couple of weeks ago, we can enjoy their debut album "Let Desire Guide Your Hand" released by Firestation Records. Classic heartwarming indiepop, utterly romantic, clearly reminiscent of The Beautiful South (boy-girl vocals passionately dealing with all our mundane miseries) and Morrissey, nicely invigorated & embellished by the arrangements of A Little Orchestra. Soul music, sweet British guitar pop full of soul. 
Withered Hand. Behind the enigmatic nickmane hides Dan Wilson, a Scottish musician based in Edinburgh, who played in several bands until he began a solo musical career at age 30, after one of his close friends died and he became father. That period of his life heavily determined his hugely praised debut "Good News" in 2009 (re-released in 2011 on Absolutely Kosher Records in the States). Now he's back with sophomore album "New Gods", out since February via Fortuna Pop (UK) & Slumberland Records (USA). Featuring stellar appearances from Pam Berry (Black Tambourine), Eugene Kelly (The Vaselines), members of Belle & Sebastian & Frightened Rabbit, the album is a mind-blowing example of a musician with a unique gift to pen perfect indiepop tunes. Unmissable.  
School. This Swedish quartet formed by quite famous musicians from different Gothenburg bands singing in English for the first time, just gathered last year, offering three wonderful singles to date: debut "So Long" in late 2013, followed by "Clouds Aside" and now "Head Over Here", all of which through Luxury. Timeless indiepop pieces, showing a style that fits comfortably in an addictive place between jangle and dream-pop, with the bursting vocals of Alice B completing the arresting, immediately catchy trio of extremely promising tunes. Eagerly awaiting for more! 

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