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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Indie Anthology 40: essential songs

Next chapter in our Anthology is another Sarah Records classic, a gem of a song on an album full of jangle-pop delicious pieces... chosen because of its lyric... One of these days when you want to shout out loud the world to go fuck up itself (sorry for the expletive language). Dedicated to all the scum out there.. Yours truly... with indiepop love.

Song: You Should All Be Murdered
Artist: Another Sunny Day
Year: 1992

"London Weekend"... what a great record! "I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist", "Anorak City", "Can't You Tell It's True?", "The Centre of My Little World"... Harvey Williams... what a truly underrated genius. But if I have to choose only one tune (at least today) it has to be "You Should All Be Murdered". Guitars full of sonic gentleness and an upbeat melody hiding (for all non-English speakers) a lyric full of bite and frustration with a world so full of people eager to let you down. Verses like "The people who have left me down without reserve / The people who talk too much/ The people who don't care", or my painfully favourite "The people who broke my heart so bad it never mends / The people who wrecked my life & all my so-called friends", before Williams let the guitars (one of the most beautiful ends I ever heard) do the rest of the talking. Unfortunately, now the lines ring so true. So does this amazing song.

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