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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stop Awful Covers 12

The nightmare continues. Here it is: twelfth chapter of the Awful Covers Series. Sorry about that... 

Black Lips and Icky Blossoms:  Cowboy Knights
Arrrrgh!! What more can be said?

My Home, Sinking: My Home, Sinking
The cover, also sinking

King Tuff:  Was Dead
I would have committed suicide with that artwork too

Hooded Fang: Gravez
?????? Still figuring out what is this...

Portugal. The Man: Evil Friends
Indeed a very very evil friend of the band the person who designed that for them

Animal Collective: Monkey Been to Burn the Town
From the creators of "Centipede Hz" now... more awfulness!

Bastille: Laura Palmer
Not even David Lynch would choose that for a cover...

TV Girl: Our First 2 EPs
They probably don't like their first 2 EPs that much...

Disclosure: Settle
Annoying face drawings is their trademark feature, so here's his annoying debut artwork 

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