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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Discoverer 64: new indie findings

An announcement will arrive later today, but for now, here you have our band proposals!

Little Green Cars. A very young quintet from Dublin, formed in 2008, from the ashes of combo The Revolts. A sextet initially, they debuted that year with "Volume I" EP, followed by "Volume II" in 2009, while achieving some buzz thanks to their UK and US tours. In September 2012 "The John Wayne" single came out, with "Harper Lee" EP coming next in January 2013, anticipating their first album, "Absolute Zero", out since May. Fear not my friends, this are not another boring imitators of Mumford & Sons depressing success. Think more on Robin Pecknold high on vitamins, or Neil Young trying to go pop without losing his edge. Folk-rock with muscle, melody, impressive vocals and promise.

English Singles. Second stop in Sacramento, CA, with a combo that is some sort of a local DIY pop/punk supergroup, leaded by Scott Miller. Although Miller declares they have been a band since late 2006, English Singles got some attention last year thanks to their first 7" singles on infallible Slumberland Records, "Disaster" and "Backstreet Pages". This 2013 they are back with "Ordinary Girls" EP, out now on Slumberland. Scratchy punk-pop? Home-made power-pop? You decide how to label their music, what is clear is that this are infectious, energetic and ridiculously catchy tunes. Fun guaranteed!
The Tuts. And more punk-pop to end our weekly proposals, this time with a female trio -Nadia, Beverly and Amy, from Hayes, West London. Co-founded by Nadia and Beverly on high school, they were joined in 2011 by Harriet Doveton (now replaced by Amy) of Colour Me Wednesday, releasing their S/T debut EP a year later, a collection of their earlier tracks. The single "Tut Tut Tut" came out this 2013, a release which has given them the chance of supporting Kate Nash on her UK tour, and play this year's Indietracks. Urgent, chaotic and vital pop tunes infused on punk attitude. Want more!

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