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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Discoverer 63: new indie findings

Back to our regular band proposals after the Primavera Sound 2013. New bands for your ears only!

Bleached. Let me introduce you to the Clavin sisters, Jennifer & Jessie. Hailing from L.A., the band came out from the ashes of the defunct punk combo Mika Miko. After a short break, where Jennifer moved to New York while Jessica played with the Cold Showers, sisters gathered again in L.A. in 2011, beginning to play shows and issuing their first singles, "Francis", and "Carter". "Searching Through the Past" followed that December, preceding their debut album, "Ride Your Heart", out since February on Dead Oceans Records. 77' punk meeting California sun, noisy melodic rock with some edge and rawness but without losing the "pop touch". Seriously addictive.

Free Time. Formed in summer of 2012, this quartet is the creation of Melbourne musician Dion Nania, former leader of Panel of Judges. After moving to N.Y. in 2011, he played on Scott and Charlene’s Wedding and the Twerps. But soon started to write his own songs, putting a new band together. Mixed-finished between Australia and the States during 2012, Free Time's eponymous debut is out now digitally, with its physical release coming this June on Underwater Peoples Records. Timeless indiepop tunes, sometimes upbeat & jangly, others slightly psychedelic, revealing a storyteller mind and a talent for finding an enduring melody.

Big Summer. Based in Barcelona but being a fully international group, I had doubts whether they fitted on the Spanish section or here. The project began in 2008 when singer-guitarist Vasco Batista got together with drummer Simon Mille, but it wasn't until late 2011, when bassist Shorn Keld joined them, that things got serious. The delicious "Morning Sun" came out in 2012, creating some "blogosphere" buzz. Wise wizards from El Genio Equivocado signed the group (now a quartet after recruiting Robert), publishing the tune as a single past February, followed by "Bone and Arrow" EP in April. Five brilliant pills devoted to the 90's, echoing Real Estate and Yuck, showing the great promise of the combo.  

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