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Monday, December 24, 2012

Best Songs of the Year 2012: 100-76

And finally, after gigs, books, EPs and records, the time to reveal the 2nd edition of the Bloodbuzzed Best Songs of the Year has arrived. The most impressive 100 tunes (in our opinion of course) being released during this 2012. As we did on 2011, we will split the list in fourth posts of 25 songs each. So here's the first one, comprising from number 100 to 76. The songs that weren't available on grooveshark for the playlist have alternative direct links below its title. Stay tuned for the rest of the songs. Have your say and enjoy the music!

Best Songs of the Year 2012 (100-76) by Raul on Grooveshark100. Fool for Your Love- Baby Grand
99. Vertical Walk- Dunes
98. Taste It- Jake Bugg
97. Brains- Lower Dens
96. Do It Wrong- The History of Apple Pie

95. Siberia- La Habitación Roja
94. Santa Fe- The Pear Traps
93. Saratoga- The Soft Pack
92. La Nueva Reconquista de Graná- Grupo de Expertos Solynieve
91. Fred- Sweater Girls
90. Moles- Cape Canaveral
89. Chapel Hill- StarTropics
88. Trainspotting- All We Are

87. One-Sided- Arc In Round
86. Shadow- Wild Nothing
85. Coming True- Guards
84. Cameraman-The Spook School
83. Tribeca- South of France
82. You Will Know- The Belljars
81. Open Arms- The Garlands
80. Cold Feet- Lost Lander
79. My Sense of Pride- Cats On Fire
78. This Ladder is Ours- The Joy Formidable
77. Chasing Consummations- Shrag
76. Groundhog Day- Corin Tucker Band

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