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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Indie Anthology 25: essential songs

Another one for the Anthology today. The excuse is quite simple this time: I just found out this band is coming back (release on the great Elefant Records just out now)! So, let's celebrate with their wonderful music!

Song: Enlightened & Left-Wing Indeed
Artist: Speedmarket Avenue
Year: 2008

Awwww, Swedish indiepop... What would be life without your music? Your music bring us joy, melancholy, comes in cinematic, lushly atmospheric sounds and evokes dreamy landscapes. In many different ways, but always looking for the most unforgettable melody. I discovered Speedmarket Avenue thanks to the Slowdivesque wonder of "Sirens" but very soon their sophomore album, "Way Better Now" revealed to be much much more. A compilation of what indiepop can be. Sometimes urgent and energetic, others closer to twee-pop and, a few times entering shoegazing territory, others showing the influence of Belle and Sebastian with superb grace. Can't really say why, but "Enlightened & Left-Wing Indeed" might be my favourite. Maybe it has to do with the organ swirling. Maybe is the female-male vocals (I love Sibille Attar's voice). Maybe is the upbeat & upfront pulse. Or maybe the sense the tune is going to break through any second.... And probably is the drums rattling. And for sure, it has to do with the chorus arriving and making all explode. As the best pop songs do.

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