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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Indie Anthology 3: essential songs

A wonderful forgotten treasure for the third choice of our anthology...

: Leeds Station
Artist: The Parachute Men
Year: 1989

The Parachute Men was a wonderful British band with a pretty short history. They formed in 1985, released two albums, "The Innocents" and "Earth, Dogs, and Eggshells" (both highly recommended), and several singles, including this outstanding "Leeds Station", before splitting in 1990. You know when, in very rare, extraordinary occasions, since the very first second you are sure you will fall in love with a song? That was my case with "Leeds Station". Haunting melody, shimmering guitars and soulful vocals...all the elements to define the tune as pure jangle-pop at its best. Never been in Leeds, but after hearing this song seems a great place to call home...

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