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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Discoverer 28: new indie findings

New year, and new band proposals!

Real Estate. There's always some great music you miss. It's impossible to reach everything. Luckily, you can always solve that problem. That's my case with the truly mesmerizing music of Real Estate. Formed in New Jersey in 2008, after some singles, an acclaimed self-titled debut on 2009, tours with Girls, Kurt Vile and Deerhunter, they signed with Domino in 2011 to release their sophomore record, "Days", a wonderful blend of jangling guitars and driving soft indie rock with a nostalgic, comforting vibe full of crystalline melodies. Sorry I missed you last year, guys. Won't happen again.

The Middle Ones. Let me introduce the lovely duo of Anna Knowles and Grace Denton. Anna went to Norwich to study in 2006, and there she met Grace, founding The Middle Ones. After their self-titled EP, they released "It Is the Rehearsal that will Make This" past April, a first album full that's full of harmonies, soaring vocals and melodies to keep your smile always on your face. This collection of little lo-fi and indie-pop gems is sometimes subtle, sometimes funny, sometimes delicate, but always gorgeous and contagious.

Wild Flag. If I say Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony, Rebecca Cole and Janet Weiss you'll probably be unimpressed (specially the youngest ones). But if I write Helium, The Minders and, in particular, Sleater-Kinney, you should realise we are in front of a special band. This all-female American four-piece supergroup came to public knowledge in September of 2010, and a year after, following a couple of singles, they released their eponymous album. And what an album! Is a record you NEED. Upbeat, dynamic, vital, alive. A love letter to music, and a blood injection to you. Another missed album now rediscovered.
Wild Flag - Future Crimes
Wild Flag - Romance
Wild Flag - Glass Tambourine

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