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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Discoverer 22: new indie findings

New bands to recommend you!

French Films. You wouldn't associate the music with where they're from, beautiful Finland (Espoo and Järvenpää, close to Helsinki). Because this band, formed in 2010, with an EP, "Golden Sea", and an LP, "Imaginary Future", out now, will initially recall you to sunny places and bands like The Vaccines or The Drums. Humming songs, catchy as hell, full of hooks and irresistible urgency. Maybe is the scent to catch an unforgettable melody, the keyboards, the New Wave hints, or the unusual cohesion during the whole album. This is one of the most enjoyable albums of the year so far.
Imaginary Future (2011) by French Films

Laura K. My EardrumsPop friends did it again. Their ePop 18, completely free and available on their website, is another sample of the best indiepop, besides introducing us new artists to follow, this time a ridiculously young artist, Laura K, between Brisbane and London, where she is now based, with an amazing talent to create sweet gems that seem very simple on the surface. Impossibly cute and mellow, "Saboteur" and the short "This Happens Every Time" are followed by "Beach Comber" a beautiful (handclapping!) rendition of Real Estate, another band to check. Download!!
Laura K - ePop018 - digital single by EardrumsPop

Young Romance. And the third proposal comes from London, in the form of a charming duo, Paolo and Claire. This inseparable couple makes delicate and stunningly gorgeous indiepop tunes, with an intensity that suggests a real emotion and passion in what they do. These few available songs seems really a slowly-built work of art. I'm still blown away by "Swollen Hearts, Bitter Tongues", "She, Me, Him and You" and the candle-fire "Six Sides". Pure pop perfection, as immediate as lasting. From now on, count me as a fan and follower of the adventures of this couple.

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