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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Discoverer 21: new indie findings

Back with the weekly proposals!

Elephant Stone. Checking the great Indiecater label, I heard the song "Bombs Bomb Away", and then "I Am Blind", that blow me out. What a discovery! This band comes from Montreal (thanks again, Canada!), leaded by Rishi Dhir. In 2009 they debuted with the stunning album "The Seven Seas", nominated for a Polaris Music Prize. They returned with "The Glass Box" EP in 2010, and  seems we'll have more tunes soon. That would be a blessing, because Rishi and co. are goldmisth genius of indie-pop song. From jangle to power-pop, sometimes with an Indian feel, they offer music gems. Absolute must.

Red Shoe Diaries. Since July we can enjoy "When I Find My Heart", second EP from this five-piece band hailing from Nottingham, UK. After a very well received self-released debut EP, gigs along The Wave Pictures, A Sunny Day in Glasgow or Nouvelle Vague, and playing festivals like the great Indietracks in 2010, the time has come for the Diaries to gather the attention they deserve. Because is hard to find such a perfect collection of indiepop gems. Classic, sophisticated, with a scent of epic and literary skills. It has MASTERPIECE written all over it. Run to grab your (limited) copy!

We Are Trees. James Nee and Josiah Schlater come from Virginia, USA. In July 2010 released their first EP, "Boyfriend", but their sophomore effort, "Girlfriend", out since March, is the one catching the blogosphere attention. Whispering voices, lo-fi acoustics predominates, and with the help of cello and violin, the duo creates a peculiar, intriguing, hazy neofolk that sometimes evolves to indie-rock territory (check the glorious "I Don't Believe In Love").  Reviewers compare them with Grizzly Bear mixed with Guided By Voices or Fleet Foxes. I prefer to say they have a unique and exciting voice of their own. Listen. Have your say. You won't regret it.

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