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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"New in Town", the time wasted on a train (chapter 1)

Back from a wonderful weekend, full, among other more important things, of films..

New in Town

There should be a category of "films watched on a train/plane to kill time". It deserves a genre of its own. "New In Town" wasn't particularly awful, which is something remarkable considering Renée Zellweger (Lucy Hill) is the star of film. The plot is formulaic to say the least, being built on the predictable contrasts of city (Miami) versus town (New Ulm, little town of Minnesota), cold versus warm weather, and the conservative/religious versus the open-mind of the civilization, with a pretty annoying "love story" in between. Yes, is that sort of silly movie about "discovering oneself" far from the fast-lives of the cities.

Far from being ground-breaking, the film has some moments that save it from the disaster it seemed to be, thanks of a couple of supporting roles: J.K. Simmons (the father of "Juno") as Stu, the plant foreman, and Siobhan Fallon playing Blanche, Lucy's assistant, with real charm (and a very funny accent). But please don't compare it with Frances McDormand and/or Fargo. Overall, not depressing, but mediocre.

SCORE: 3,5/10

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