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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Discoverer 5: new indie findings

It's (a rainy) Sunday, so here's the new round of indie proposals!

Junip. This Swedish trio -from Gothenberg- of close friends began its career in 1999, but the success of one of its members, the worldwide renowned José González, with his producing duties and solo albums -particularly with "Veneer"- sidetracked the project until 2010. But finally, the friends committed to a first full length, released later on 2010. Reminiscent of González's solo works, "Fields" was worth the waiting: a modern pastoral contemplation, hazy, organic and really melodic. The perfect record for a grey day.

Happy Camper. Job Roggeveen is a Dutch musician that had the idea of an audiovisual project. He composed the album, a joyful collection of pop songs with a "folkie air" and requested the support of 11 Dutch singers (the rest of the happy campers) to perform his songs. Then, with the help of the studio animation group Job, Joris & Marieke (he is one third of the studio) he created a video and the star of the show. Let me introduce you the happy camper, the adorable and hairy Manfred. Don't miss it!

Happy Camper - Born With A Bothered Mind (featuring Bouke Zoete)

Carol Anne McGowan. And the third proposal is a singer-songwriter from Donegal, Ireland. "Songs from the Cellar", her debut album, was released in 2010 in a hand made edition of 50 copies. Now with a second edition of the record (also very limited) this seven songs reveal an artist with a gorgeous smoky-bluesy voice and a talent to capture the details and subtleties in her music. Pure folk, recorded in the small German town of Oestrich-Winkel, in the depths of a 500 year old wine cellar. So genuine that one wonders if it was rescued from some dark vault where it was forgotten for three or four decades. 

Carol Anne McGowan "So to the Sea"

Carol Anne McGowan "Carrigeen"

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