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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Primavera Sound 2018 in brief, day 1

The Primavera Sound Festival (PS) 2018 is almost over! So, here we are, pretty exhausted (again, the not very recommendable combination of daily work and Festival), but ready to being with the first round of our traditional quick chronicles of our experiences there. What follows is our take of Thursday 31st, with a note on Wednesday's fail. Let's go!

The Good
The War on Drugs: Yeah, the millennial era might be all about synths, danceable (or kind of) grooves and that sort of shallow urban pop-indietronica that fits so-well with glasses & clothes advertisements, but dammit if the best gig of the day wasn't full of guitar riffs & solos, plus the urgency and the mystery offered by the most iconic and traditional instrument of rock history. Adam Granduciel and Co. just nailed it. Terrific band, terrific tunes.
The War on Drugs, lost in the dream of rock. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

The infinite, powerful worlds of Laetitia Tamko
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Two more female artists to follow closely: On a pretty "empty" day (to a poignant level compared with previous years, something that has been the sad trademark of this PS' edition, with the exception of Saturday) the gigs of Vagabon and Amaya Laucirica were very welcomed. Keep an eye on them...

The Bad
(Missing) Spiritualized: Is it that hard to make some sort of announcement or use the Festival App properly to let the people know how are the tickets needed for the Auditori selling? The organization could easily avoid extremely long queues and the understandable anger from concertgoers. We were the unlucky ones that missed grabbing a couple for a matter of minutes, so pretty frustrating to wasteone hour and half waiting for nothing...
Not made for this times: We'll try to keep the rant short and try not to repeat ourselves that much. The millennial age is just killing music. It should be about the songs, the artists that make it and the feelings these tunes bring to you, not about your looks (by the way, Mango?), your selfies, your constant, irrelevant & discourteous chatting, or the amount of beers you can drink... Raise your head and look at the stage, not to your smartphone. It's MUCH MUCH more interesting...

The Queen
The Twilight Sad: In terms of sounding, the Scotts show couldn't compete with The War on Drugs's one. Unfortunately a recurring trend within the Festivals and gigs, bass (and/or rhtym section) are too heavy in the mix burying vocals for the sake of power, that happened with The Twilight Sad. But we were compensated, extraordinarily, with something even more important and meaningful: real, intense, touching, unadulterated emotion. Coming straight from the heart and the boundaries that not even the death can take away. Humans talented and passionated enough to be in front to of a stage, and with the humanity, the guts and kindness to open their hearts out in front of us to pay tribute to a lost beloved pal. Goosebumps and tears. James, we're sure you did your friend proud. Thank you.
The Twilight Sad, Keeping Ourselves Warm. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Stay tuned, the second chronicle of the PS18, covering Friday 1st, is about to come!

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