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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 187

We need a break. Seriously. Time out. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This week has reached another step towards the certification of Spain as a fascist regime. Corruption and mafia (this time within the ruling governing party, by no means the first time) in the umpteenth & embarrassing case of political corruption within the government of Madrid. And yesterday, another despicable, shameful judicial decision. It's rape not-all-honourable magistrates. No is always No. Who stops the system when it constantly betrays you? The answer is US, only US. Sorry for the rant, but this week has been infuriating. So, if you share our feelings, or just need, want a distraction here's out latest TOP TEN JUKEBOX, fully loaded with new groups and great songs to begin what will be another long weekend for some. A soundtrack, we hope, to "breath some fresh air". Take care and remember, all tunes are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

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