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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Discoverer 165: new indie findings

Four out latest discoverer series, we have scratched (just virtually, sadly) the world to bring you three music wonders honouring the noble tradition of melting guitars, melodies and arresting vocals in our ears &  head. It's all jangle out here!

Say Sue Me. Very excited to introduce you this quartet hailing from Busan, South Korea (yay for that!), and responsible of one of the records of the year so far. Formed in 2012, their debut album 'We've Sobered Up' arrived in 2014, followed by the EP 'Big Summer Night' a year later. But it was 2017 when the Asian combo began to make some blogosphere noise, thanks to British label Damnably Records compiling the two aforementioned releases in a self-titled album out in Europe and the US (Electric Muse did the same in Asia). Shortly after came the EP 'Semin' out for Record Store Day 2017, plus a split 7" single with the punk band Otoboke Beaver. And finally, since this April, we can enjoy their sophomore LP, 'Where We Were Together' (plus another EP, 'It's Just a Short Walk' just out for this RSD). Flirting with almost every subgenre where a guitar-driven melody takes the lead, from jangle-pop to sharper-noisier territories, sugar and some grit, Say Sue Me music is as infectious, quivering and enchanting as one can only dream about. Your next indiepop crush is here!  

Stephen's Shore. Back in old Europe to meet this band founded 2014 in gorgeous Stockholm, Sweden. They debuted in 2016 with EP 'Ocean Blue', out that August via Cloudberry Records and now, available since this March thanks to Spanish label Meritorio Records, we can relish in their first record, 'September's Love'. A moody, Byrdesque and cinematic take of jangle pop, somewhat as if one unexpected member of The Paisley Underground scene had appeared in the Nordic countries, Stephen's Shore music is perfect for wide open landscapes and long car breezy drives. Sun-baked pop wonders...   

The Catherines. And we end out trip in Hamburg, Germany, to meet Heiko Schneider's stirring music proposal. Involved in other musical endeavours such as The Pippinger Flur or Darlin' Disco, at the very beginning of 2017 he decided he wanted to indulge himself in a simpler sonic adventure completely of his own. With that idea he went into the studio with the sole dogma of playing, singing and recording a song in no longer than a day. So, if you go check his bandcamp (something you should do asap) you'll find fourteen tunes to date (latest one just surfaced and includes the vocals of Sandra Ost) in a collection that sounds, looks and I can bet smells like a treaty in classic, enduring lo-fi indiepop. Tasty Spanish label Mondo Canapé put out a (now sold out) tape with eight of his tunes this March, so fingers crossed there's another release in the very near future. From Hamburg with Love!  

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