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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Discoverer 163: new indie findings

Past Thursday, International Women's Day, was such a historic moment we had to celebrate somehow in our discoverer series and, besides, any excuse goes when it's about promoting and showing female's neverending talent, something this Blog is quite proud to have done since its beginning. So, here it comes, another trio of stunning "girls to the front" music proposals!

Amaya Laucirica. A well established presence in the Australian musical landscape, Amaya Laucirica was born in rural South Australia, but moved to Sydney and is now based in Melbourne, where, in 2008, debuted with the folkie-tinged album 'Sugar Lights'. But it was sophomore release, 'Early Summer', appeared in October 2010, the one that "opened the floodgates" for her, gaving her the chance of touring alongside Blonde Redhead, Mark Lanegan and national rock icon Adalita. The EP 'Anywhere There's You' followed in late 2011, with third album, 'Sway' coming out in 2014. Then Laucirica moved to Berlin, returning back home  two years later to form the band who helped her to create fourth LP, 'Rituals', out just now via Opposite Number and Kasumuen Records. Pop at its dreamiest and enthralling peak, somehow encapsulating the mysterious atmospheres and blurred lines of Cocteau Twins and the pensive wide-open-spaces of Mazzy Star without losing the knack for melodies, 'Rituals' is a warm and cinematic triumph

Mint Field. Happy to move (first time at the Blog) to Tijuana, Mexico, in order to meet Estrella Sánchez (vocals & guitar) and Amor Amezcua (drums & synths), a very young duo responsible of the most hypnotic and intriguing sounds to date in 2018. Formed around 2014, at high school, the tandem released homemade EP 'Primeras Salidas' a year later (they were a trio back then) and, in 2016, doubled the bet with singles 'Ciudad Satélite' via French label Cranes Records, 'Nada es estático y evoluciona' and 'Viceversa', material that gave them the chance to play in Coachella, SXSW, as well as extensively through both sides of the the non-existing wall (f*** you Mr. Trump). while at the same time they were anticipating a first album that took a bit longer to see the light but, since this late February, is finally here. 'Pasar de las Luces', out via LA-based Innovative Leisure Records, is a bewitching exploration of the most spacious, eerie and organic sounds, ranging from evocative dream-pop to fuzzy shoegaze, as well as flirting with krautrock rhythms and the darker face of psychedelia, giving nods to bands like Slowdive, Cocteau Twin or Grouper. Allow yourself to get haunted!

Cozy Slippers. And we end in Seattle, Washington, to meet this three-piece formed around 2015, when Barbara Barrilleaux (drums, keyboards, and vocals) and Sarah Engel (bass and vocals) met at music workshop Ladies Rock Camp, being completed with Steven Skelton (guitar) later on. The band debuted with EP 'Late Night in Summertime' in March of 2017, which now will have a follow-up with 'Postcards' out next April via our dear friends of Jigsaw Records. Immediately catchy guitar-driven indiepop, somewhere in between Marine Girls, the Go-Gos and Chastity Girls, propelled by the straightforward dual vocals of Sara and Barbara. A lot to love here...

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