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Monday, June 5, 2017

Primavera Sound 2017 in brief, day 3

And here arrives the third and final take of our quick chronicles of the Primavera Sound 2017, with our impressions of Saturday 3rd, just an excellent day, with a couple of really memorable gigs to put a terrific end to a Festival that might rank lower than previous editions for us, but still has had much (much more than initially expected, to be honest) to be enjoyed, celebrated and written about. So, time to go back to the Fòrum!

The Good
Van Morrison: A music myth that is part of my childhood and teenager soundtrack, that opened his gig with 'Too Late', 'Moondance' and 'Have I Told You Lately'. It was just impossible not to get emotional...
The "lion of Belfast" gets jazzy. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Angel Olsen: First thing first. She would deserve to be on the final section of this post, taking the top spot of the day (but we had to choose just one gig). Impeccable, magnetic, irresistible from start to finish. In total command of the stage, the tunes and the audience during the complete set. Confidence, talent, solid band backing her, charm and huge tunes, the climax arriving with the gigantic 'Sister', one of the Blog's favourite tunes from past year. Just mesmerizing.
Angel Olsen. 'Our' woman at Primavera Sound. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Hamilton Leithauser: Another voice and mighty presence live to follow. Hamilton is a 'surefire'. Every time his throat explodes, you 'go places', every word he sings sounds true and heartfelt. He seemed really happy to be at Ptichfork stage, enjoying himself and giving all he has to put a great show. And his solo career is already sprinkled with amazing tunes, like 'Sick as a Dog', 'Alexandra', '1959' and, of course, the immense 'A 1.000 Times', another favourite from last year. You can't wrong with Hamilton.
Mr. Leithauser, would watch him live a 1.000 times. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Bad
Queuing for Auditori (second part): Yet again, there has to be a better way to organize this sort of massive gigs at Auditori. This time (2nd Magnetic Fields show) we didn't have to buy an extra-ticket, but still we queued for quite a while... and missed a couple of opening tunes. Again. 
Van Morrison: Yes, this is not a mistake. Van 'the man' show deserves to be in the previous category but also in this one. Because as much of a touching moment was seeing him live, his singing (or his lack of, better said) and the sort of bland, 'Starbucks' jazz versions of his eternal tunes they don't any justice at all to his memorable legacy.
As****es: We haven't complained about annoying people at the Festival so far. Luckily, we felt we didn't face as many annoying people (chit-chatters, posers) as previous editions... until Saturday. During Hamilton's gig we dealt with the 'traditional' category of bored folks joining the friend that really likes who's playing... and are decided to make him (and all the audience) notice they are THAT uninterested. But there was an even more irritating situation. During the majestic Angel Olsen's show we had to listen a couple of, how can we define them? Internet trolls showing up? XXI century haters? Why on Earth someone should decide, with all the options they had at PS, to go watch someone that they hate in advance? And why the need to express that hate to the unknown mass that is gathered to hear & see the artist? What a pain in the arse (and absurdly wrong) they were...

The Queen
Teenage Fanclub: I insist, Angel Olsen also deserves to be included in this spot. But having to choose only one option as the top gig of the day we have to go with the Scottish legends because a) It was the first time (finally!!!) seeing them live; b) they were terrific and c) they played 'Start Again', 'Star Sign', 'About You', 'I Need Direction', 'Sparky's Dream', 'I'm In Love', 'Everything Flows', and the list can go on... Did we need to say anything else? How can you beat that? A lot of singing our throats out, sweating, dancing and smiling for the best gig (alongside Ms. Olsen) of the Primavera Sound Festival 2017 for us.
McGinley, Blake and Love, indiepop dream team. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
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