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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Indie Anthology 75: essential songs

For the next chapter of our Anthology I thought I was fated for a "protest", raging tune to epitomize how hard a part of the United States wants to ruin their own country. But while choosing among the candidates, I realized I didn't really want an angry tune. After all, I love that country too much. The books, the ideas, the never-ending landscapes & roads, the lights (been on both coasts, so I know, at least a bit, what I'm talking about), the mystery, the friendly, open, shiny, talented people, and of course, the music. So instead of blaming the deaf & the ones who are incapable/unwilling to listen, here's a song for the America I love, the one that will overcome...

Song: Our Time Has Passed
Artist: The Pernice Brothers
Year: 2001

If we talk about underrated bands, what about the Pernice Brothers?I was discovering Teenage Fanclub or, better said, getting completely knocked-out by the Scotts, when (again, thanks to the alternative radio) I heard for the first time 'Working Girls-Sunlight Shines' and 'Our Time Has Passed', arguably their landmark. The band from Massachusetts with a couple of eternal, gently, slightly melancholic yet shimmery & hopeful tunes. There was much more to haunt for, either going backwards and forward in their career, as the majestic 'Yours, Mine & Ours' would prove just a couple of years later. Joe, Bob and Co penned, once and again, the perfect soundtrack for bright, warm, embraceable days. Jangly? Umm, let's say heavenly. A remedy for letdowns or depressing times encapsulated within the lilting melodies, heartwarming vocal harmonies, the humming choruses, the delicate arrangements. I think it's about time for a new Pernice Brothers to heal some wounds, don't you agree?...

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