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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Primavera Sound 2016 in brief, day 3

Here comes the second of our quick chronicles of how is Primavera Sound 2016 developing for us. After the first post devoted to Wednesday and Thursday, it's time for what many stated as the main on this edition, Friday 3rd (also known, not our case though, as the 'Radiohead day'). Keep the music coming!

The Good
A ton of good music: That's why Primavera Sound can't be beat. Yesterday in a journey that could have lasted longer (options were everywhere) I manage to see 11 gigs (9 in full).
Primavera a la Ciutat/Day Pro (part II): Like on the previous briefing, I began the day at midday at CCCB, having the chance of seeing live 3 acts and attending a conference. And what a trio of great live shows they were! Big Summer put a flawless, rock-solid show as expected (check their latest album 'Trigger', you won't regret it). Julien Baker was terrific in her disarming, affecting solo offer (can't believe her age). And Cass McCombs showed his range as musician on a gig that deserved much more time. Fabulous way to head into the Fòrum.
Julien Baker, blossoming folk. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Glimpses of brilliance: On a day so stocked with music it's hard to choose particular acts, and several concerts had memorable moments. The crazy fun that is watching Titus Andronicus (The Pogues meeting The Clash) and Royal Headache (what a collection of effervescent, immediate tunes Shogun and Co. have already) live. Beirut's 'Postcards from Italy' and 'The Riptide'. The glorious interpretation of 'The Age of the Understatement' from the Puppets. Savages' Jehnny Beth giving all that she has inside, once and again, to reach the audience...
Jehnny Beth honouring the local "castellers" tradition. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

High and higher with Royal Headache. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Dinosaur Jr.: Yep, we missed Radiohead. But we don't regret it one bit, thanks to Mascis, Barlow and Murph. It was a stormy set. Fierce, epic, straight to the jugular. An hour of guitars, distortion, feedback and throwaway classics. A blast.

The Bad
Massification (part II): "Mordor" (H&M and Heineken stages) was already appalling on previous editions, but this year is simply excruciating. Armies of people just wandering around, transformed into a cast of zombies (alcohol without measure has never been a good idea), and getting anxious when the "big name" approaches. Avoiding both stages much as possible has become a pretty clear strategy, which is quite sad...

The Queen
Ben Watt Band: Didn't know what to expect really... a gig too quiet for Ray-Ban stage and a Festival audience probably? Luckily, how damn wrong I was. Gentle and moody yet on full electric mode, on a combination that, at her rockier moments, didn't sound very far from The War On Drugs or Kurt Vile. Of course, Ben was in such good company it's easy to understand how impeccable was the sound of the gig. Kudos in particular to Bernard Butler, terrific in his guitar playing without going flashy or bombastic, just adding what the tunes needed. 45 minutes of wonderful musics played by truly talented musicians.
Butler & Watt, guitar-driven to wonder. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Brief of the third and last "big day" of the PS16, Saturday 4th, arriving tomorrow!

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