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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Best Songs of the Year 2016: 100-76

After ConcertsEPs and Records, we start our particular countdown of the Best Songs of the Year! As in previous editions, we are going to unveil our favourite 100 tunes of 2016, divided in four different posts of 25 songs each*, compiled on Spotify playlists. Probably the hardest choice of the year, today is time to unveil the tunes listed from 100 to 76! We hope you enjoy our selection, at least as much as we have had while listening all this incredible artists & bands. Next round coming very, very soon!

100. Bottle Rocket- Ahem
99.  Henry- Soccer Mommy
98.  It Didn’t Hurt- We.The pigs
97. Amazing Grace- American Wrestlers
96. Citrus- Animal Daydream
95. The End of Things- Bob Mould
94. The Only Thing I Miss- Featherfin
93. We Are Dreamers- Tindersticks
92. Anxiety- Preoccupations
91. Trauma- Fear of Men
90. Gentle Eyes- Terry Malts
89. Motorway- California Snow Story
88. Capture- Desario
87. Ten Year Tenure- Halfsour
86. Disappear- Young Romance
85. Walden- Sr. Chinarro
84. Atomic Number- Case/Lang/Veirs
83. Anna, Lisa Calls- Happyness
82. Tides- Swimming Tapes
81. Beneath the Black Sea-LNZNDRF
80. Menos de Mi- Neleonard
79. Frank Infatuation- Real Numbers
78. Moon- Beth Orton
77. Recto y Quieto- Palacio de Linares
76.  Fall- Lisa Hannigan

*Same group/artist can only have up to three songs on the complete, 100 tunes list 

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