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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Discoverer 124: new indie findings

Dreampop dominates the sound of this week's trio of discoveries. Please dream out loud!

Kissing Party. Slop-pop is coming! Hailing from Denver, CO, this weirdly-sounding self-defined quintet began in 2005, first as a trio (although technically speaking band's founder Gregory Dolan released a self-titled LP featuring him and a drum machine), putting out first proper album 'Hold Your Hour and Have Another' in 2006. A year later came 'Rediscover Lovers' and between 2009's 'The Hate Album' and the follow-up 'Waster's Wall' the Kissing Party's line-up was completed. A very prolific combo, in 2013 arrived 'Winter in the Pub' and now (although it was originally released last year) we can enjoy their latest effort 'Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time I Was Suffocating' out since June via Fleeting Youth Records. Where power-pop meets twee, where jangle gets high on fuzz, where urgency and openess swallows C86. A real burst of great pop!

Day Wave. And now we move to Oakland, CA to meet Jackson Phillips and his solo project (which gets expanded live). Former jazz drummer and frontman of the electro-pop duo Carousel, since 2015 Philips has embarked in this delightful synth/dreampop incarnation, offering us self-released debut EP 'Headcase'  in July, which now is going to be followed ny new single 'You Are What You Are/Come Home Now' on House Arrest Records. Melodic and blisfful, like Wild Nothing staring at the sun, or New Order letting hooks guide a phenomenal short stride of contagious songs. Waves of regret, waves of joy... don't forget this name...
Talking Bush. And still into synths and dreampop sounds but now travelling to St.Petersburg, Russia, to meet the latest project of Nikita Bushmanov, with first irresistible tunes surfacing this year. Debut EP 'Ordinary Unusual' arrived in June thanks to our dear friends at Shelflife, and more recently (August and October) two more songs appeared on his social networks, serving as a four teaser track to a forthcoming album in 2016. Like Morrissey enveloped on synth textures, his ultra-melodic approach to gentle pop is hard to resist. Another newcomer to really follow closely!

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