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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Discoverer 122: new indie findings

Our today's proposals goes indiepop. Blissful & melancholic gems in our discoveries series!

Rozi Plain. Hailing from Winchester, England, but based in London, Rozi Plain has been making music since her brother gave her a guitar when she was still a teenager. She moved to Bristol to study art and paint boats, and there she met long-term collaborators Kate Stables and Rachael Dadd, creating their first two albums, 'Inside Over Here' in 2008 and 'Joined Sometimes Unjoined' in 2012 touring with Devendra Banhart and KT Tunstall and also being part of This Is the Kit. Now she's back with third LP 'Friend' out since May on Lost Map Records. A singer-songwriter with a unique, otherworldly voice and an unbeatable pop scent that is presented in multiple, genuinely exciting forms, sometimes sparse and pensive, at times quirky and oblique, others mellow and heartwrenching. Sadnes, brightness. Freedom.

Sleuth. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, they formed in 2009, first as a duo, releasing tape 'Brave Knew Nothing' in 2011. Tours began and also features in compilations (Cloudberry Records, CiTR, Mint Records, Shoutback Festival). until they released free single 'Heaven Knows, Love Goes On!' on Christmas 2013. Then the adventure grew, shifting into a full quartet that locked themselves to create their first album, 'Out of the Blue Period', out since August as a joint Jigsaw Records & Kingfisher Bluez release. Delightful, jangly indiepop with a distinct use of keyboards, a sense of urgency & romanticism plus a tone of melodies and hooks to arrest your heart.

Nevski. One of the most beautiful new findings arriving to my email is this Parisian combo who has their recent origins in Normandy, where Rodolphe Binot (piano, guitar, vocals) and Quentin Leclère (guitar, vocals) had already been playing music for several years. Then they recruited Simon Barret on drums, "officially" forming the band. Gigs followed around the world and afterwards, they went to the studio to record their first self-titled EP, that the label Out of Map released this past March. Now the band has expanded into a quartet with the addition of Julien on bass, and they are working on their first full-length record. Can't hardly wait to hear the results, because this four tunes are a pure indiepop joy. Undeniably charming, delicate vocals delivering subtle French lyrics and piano lines melting with "Scottish guitars". Keep an eye, and heart on Nevski.

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