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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Discoverer 120: new indie findings

Holidays might be over, but we're going places with this ace trio of discoveries we propose you today!

Presents for Sally. Many thanks for this one Mike. This powerful British trio formed in 2009, with track 'Flowers Falling Sideways' being featured on the Invada records compilation 'The Secret Garden', quickly followed that November with the praised 7" single 'Catch Your Fall'. A year later arrived debut album 'A Touch of Joy, A Touch of Sadness' plus 7” single 'Anything Anymore'. After a couple of  quiet years and a self-financed 7” single for Xmas 2014, now they are back with sophomore LP 'Colours & Changes', out now by Saint Marie Records. A fantastic voyage to the realms of shoegaze, at times shiny, delicate and melodically blissful, others edgier and menacing. An extraordinary present for all of us.

Camera Shy. Hailing from Oakland, California, Nick Bassett, from Whirr and Nothing, and former Whirr band member Lexy Morte have joined forces on a sweeter, brighter affair since 2014. Debut EP 'Jack-O-Lantern' arrived on June last year, out on Run For Cover Records, followed this April with another EP, 'Crystal Clear' and a glorious self-titled album. Think on the Softies, think on the Sundays, think on Sarah Records. Fall in love with Alexandra Morte syrup voice. Be embraced by the warm jangly guitar lines and summery, dreamy vibes. Put yourself in front of the camera. Don't be shy. You'll enjoy.

Tomiji. And we end in Paris to meet Thomas Guilcher, the vocalist of our dearly loved Pale Spectres (new songs anytime soon, please?) and one of his most exciting solo projects. Released this June, this self-titled debut EP (that you should run to grab at his bandcamp, what a bargain!) is a slice of indiepop heaven, Impossibly, ridiculously catchy, melodic to the bone, it looks eye-to-eye to the The Pastels or makes you think on how The Field Mice would sound in the new millennium, with an irresistible subtle danceable beat. Enchanting and delightful.

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