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Friday, February 25, 2011

Migration risk (Ignoreland 2)

I know I promised not to make many "ranting posts" but it seems my job is, sadly, forcing me to keep writing about it lately. This week we have learnt a new expression. It's called "migration risk". What does it mean? It means that what we were saying last week, the "economic concerns", were just an excuse (you can replace excuse with the word lie if you prefer). So, after wasting a lot of time (not to mention money from the students applying for the visas), someone on the area of visas from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally reveals us the reason behind the rejection is they are too many people applying and they find that suspicious. Of course we explained what's our activity before, and they have the documents to prove it in their hands. But it seems reading is not an option either.

Well, now you know what's a "migration risk".

In conclusion:
a) Your Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or at least the persons responsible at an embassy) can lie to you.
b) The reason for a rejection can easily show you they don't give a damn about the documents you present to them. They have a policy to follow, and that's all.
c) The whole process has more to do with Kafka. But Kafka wrote books, and here we are talking about real people, and their rights and dignity as humans...

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