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Thursday, February 17, 2011


This blog is not supposed to be politically-charged, so I assure you this will not be repeated frequently and I apologise in advance for this rant. But I do need to let this out. During the week, my job has been affected dramatically by some situations that, in my opinion, reflects what kind of world we have created and accepted to live in.

1. One of my main tasks is organizing activities for the youth. So a group of students from Nigeria applied and were accepted. But right now their participation seems unlikely due to the visas issue. Its a shame that Spain presumes of its development aid policies and how much is involved within the UN, while they treat some people (basically from African countries) as trash. The delegates, well prepared and with a record of several experiences around Europe were rejected for economic reasons. But I do wonder what economic reasons do an embassy need when the group were able to present a medical insurance receipt, letters of support from their university and their student association, a statement of financial support from their local government, the proof of an already booked (meaning paid) hotel and diplomas of participation in a previous activity organised by us. 
No, it is clear what the motto is for the Spanish embassies when they face a young African candidate. And that is not only regrettable. It becomes miserable when they are capable of asking for money for a process that everybody knows in advance will end in a rejection.

2. Another sad lesson learnt during the last days has been how far and despicable one person can be if that serves their purposes. I'm aware I live in a country where the extreme right, and even the church, has their own media channels, where they fuel hatred, everyday. But it goes well beyond my understanding why someone can use a lie, knowing that's completely false, and keep going with it. But it seems common in Spain. You don't like something, or you need to attack someone, use "the flag issue" and repeat it until the end of times. You'll create enough white noise to succeed in a second. But attacking six years of hard work and an interest to build an activity that has brought nearly a thousand of students from all over the world (which includes all parts of Spain of course), just for the sake of stealing and copying, just proves how miserable that person or association is. Make no mistake, those who won the war, long time ago, are still winning.

3. And finally, and linked with point 2, the media. When I was student, not that long ago, faculties of journalism still presented their profession as a noble duty. But looking to the media in Spain one can only moan about when that role started to disappear. Now its just about enterprises deciding what are "the news" following their own interests. So when the guys on point 2 presented false information, did the media took the time to contrast it? Not at all. So, for everyone who wishes to see it, there it is, a flagrant and miserable lie.

I live in "Ignoreland".

As the Fab Four from Athens said, "I know that this is vitriol. No solution, spleen venting, But I feel better having screamed. Don't you?"

Thank you

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