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Friday, July 2, 2021

Best Records and EPs of the Year 2021... so far

It's official. We have reached July, meaning half of 2021 is gone. Something that looks, feels and sounds surreal. Same applies to holidays and being fully vaccinated, forthcoming situations that seemed a distant dream not that long ago. So, in order to keep with the optimistic vibes, we are set to recover a Blog tradition that covid took us away last year (we weren't in the mood). Today we unveil our 25 best records and EPs of the year so far! The list is alphabetical and length is not an issue (proper ranks are reserved for December). Just the works we have enjoyed the most this past six months. Hope you like it (don't hesitate to suggest yours, always welcomed) and find plenty to listen (click on the links to do so). And stay tuned, our favourite songs from 2021 are about to arrive!

Bart & Friends- Tolmie Wild Thymes
Cassandra Jenkins- An Overview On Phenomenal Nature
Crowded House- Dreamers Are Waiting
Dinosaur Jr.- Sweep It Into Space
Dry Cleaning- New Long Leg
Full Power Happy Hour- Full Power Happy Hour
Holiday Ghosts- North Street Air
Joana Serrat- Hardcore from the Heart
Kiwi Jr.- Cooler Returns
Lucy Dacus- Home Video
Painted Shrines- Heaven and Holy
Pearl Charles- Magic Mirror
Quivers- Golden Doubt
Tape Waves- Bright
Teenage Fanclub- Endless Arcade
The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness- Songs from Another Life
The Catenary Wires- Birling Gap
The Chills- Scatterbrain
The Coral- Coral Island
The Laughing Chimes- In This Town
The Reds, Pinks & Purples- Uncommon Weather
The Telephone Numbers- The Ballad of Doug
The Weather Station- Ignorance
Will Stratton- The Changing Wilderness
Wurld Series- What’s Growing  

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