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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Indie Anthology 78: essential songs

More immortal music coming in our Anthology section! From the Antipodes to the other kingdom of indiepop, Scotland, in order to get disarmed by one of the finest albums of the 90s, from a shamefully underrated band (happily reactivated by the way). It's all jangle over here!

Song: Obscurity Knocks
Artist: The Trash Can Sinatras
Year: 1990
First, the mandatory question. It's The Trash Can Sinatras or the plain & shorter Trashcan Sinatras? I discovered them as the first option, so that's why I'm sticking with it. When Internet & mp3 weren't so all over the place, and discovering music was quite a bit harder (but much more exciting), there were those sort of compilations folders in the computers made after too many hours of song-hunting. I had one (no kidding) named Scotland unknowns (work in progress) and my two standouts there were 'Obscurity Knocks' and 'Maybe I Should Drive' (I just tossed a coin to choose between the two!). It took me a while to properly listen to 'Cake', the majestic album that included the two gems. What a glorious record, still sounding as emotional and fresh as the first day I listened. Of course, there's the guitar lines, inviting and gently at first, more upbeat and anthemic as the chorus arrives, preparing the listener for the whole burst of pop adrenaline (the harmonies before the final rush, gosh!) arriving in its mesmerizing last minute. But there were also the lyrics, which I guess helped  A LOT to make the difference back then... You know when you discover a song at the right age and seems is talking about you? That's 'Obscurity Knocks' for me, with the killer line "looking at my watch and i’m half-past caring". The bites behind the beauty, the knocks of light beneath the darkness or viceversa.. What a song, what a band!

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