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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Indie Anthology 72: essential songs

I was looking for a Spanish band/artist for the next chapter of our Anthology, and considering the choking, shameful shift towards "neocon" and extreme right policies & attitudes (Latin America, Trump, Hungary, Poland, UK, Turkey, Spain... and the list keeps growing) we are suffering (and/or we are about to suffer) I really need a truly gorgeous song to counter it, to get shelter from the despicable "outside", at least for a while, thanks to music. And there's no better band to do so than Pauline en la Playa.

Song: Cabezas Locas
Artist: Pauline en la Playa
Year: 2001

I would live, happily ever after, inside the songs of Mar & Alicia Álvarez. Pauline en la Playa have created a genuine pop universe, completely of their own. Full of fables, poetry, violins, delicate, sometimes subtle, others rich and lush, instrumental details, sweet vocal harmonies and eternal melodies. I discovered them during my last university years (Radio 3 again) with 'Tormenta de ranas' and the majestic single 'Cabezas Locas' (it has been a very close call between this song, 'Titubeas' and 'Relevé', please check their complete discography, you'll thank me, granted). A tune with one of the most mind blowing beginnings ever and the perfect soundtrack for those sunny afternoon walks from the train to home. The dusk setting in slowly, while the tune embraces you, warm, uplifting, joyous (my apologies because the sound is pretty low in the video below, couldn't find a better option). Pauline en la Playa, main originators of Stendhal Syndrome in Spanish indiepop since 1997.

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